April 25th, 2020


Each Spring The Roberds Lake Club organizes our annual Roadside Cleanup in coordination with Earth Day.

Thank you for those of you who joined us April 25th. Despite COVID-19 our road side clean up efforts took place as originally scheduled.  For those who want a vest and/or garbage bags, they will be available at the township hall at 9 AM.  A map with areas spoken for will also be at the town hall. As you collect and fill the bags, please leave them off the side of the road and we will arrange for pickup.


Due to the virus outbreak, there will be no coffee and donuts this year.  


Anyone with questions should contact

Dave Sammon at   or Ted Tuma at 


Please keep in mind the social distancing so can all stay safe.

Unfortunately with 2019's winter weather cancellation and the 2018 fall tornados, we will have our hands full this year.  Please consider helping out and come to the Wells Township Hall at 9AM to pick the areas and locations you want to walk, and we will provide you with a vest and trash bags. 

There will be some treats before you start as well!


The Club's annual roadside clean-up in 2017 was very successful.  The group of over 30 assembled at 9 a.m. and picked their section of the roads, got their vests and garbage bags, had coffee,

juice, and rolls before heading out.  


These amazing volunteers made the rounds of a full circle around the lake.  The bags were left for pickup by another crew, stacked by the town hall for later pickup by the county.  Interesting finds were 4 tires, a punching bag, a white barrel and Dave's least favorite... baggies of doggy doo!

We are looking forward to another great turn out again this year. 

Let's all hope for some decent weather that weekend!! 

Please contact us with any questions.